Buying an apartment

Buying an apartment: find your dream apartment without having to spend time and effort!

You know exactly which apartment you are looking to buy in Ha’Sharon, what size, in which region and what should be the cost. How can you still do not find it? And maybe you find something close but given up immediately because the cost was too high for you? If you also feel that finding an apartment to buy, especially apartments in Raanana,  its a process that requires high commitment from you and most of your time investment,  you should consider the help of real estate brokerage services.

Shuli Garty estate agency will be happy to lead you to the most appropriate apartment  for your needs and budget!

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Buying an apartment: when independent search process becomes ineffective

One of the most common things among buyers who seeking independently, is that they do not know where to find opportunities. They  do not know well all neighborhoods and areas in the city where they are looking for.  Thus they spend many hours in finding their dream apartment  in sites and local newspapers,  meet dozens of homeowners and see dozens of apartments. In many cases, their budget is not helping them find the apartment they are looking for and are dont want to compromise  other apartments, meaning that their demands dont match the high costs. They are find themselves frustrated and discouraged, sometimes with no believe they find the the requested apartment ever.

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Shuli Garty estate agency : save your time and efforts!

Our office has 25 years of reputation and professional seniority in Israel and abroad. We proficient in  Ha’Sharon area and know all the neighborhoods, development plans and price levels. We will accompany you in the buying process, especially apartments  in Ha’sharon so you can be more efficient and save time and effort. All while close accompaniment, personal attention and available to every question.


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