Exclusivity brokerage

Many people ask – what is the meaning of the "Exclusivity brokerage" – how does the seller profit from it?

When you entrust an agent to handle a property exclusively – this means that only an agent on behalf of Shuli Garty Real Estate, who received the property exclusively, will deal with the sale of this property. Neither the seller nor another agent is entitled to negotiate for the sale during the "exclusivity period ", only through the appointed agent.

Conditions: Signature of the seller on the "Agency order form for brokerage service" and on the "Exclusivity Form" fixing the period and terms of exclusivity.

The marketing of the property by exclusivity has many facets:
No property is similar to another, but the selling means are similar. Shuli Garty Real Estate has developed a general marketing program to be implemented for each property entrusted on exclusivity. The program insures to each seller extreme disclosure before potential buyers and bringing as many serious potential buyers to see the property. However, even the best comprehensive marketing plan cannot ensure the sale of a property without the close cooperation between the owner and the agent, accepting the agent's professional recommendations to prepare the property for sale and to evaluate the price.

As per the professional decision of the agent, marketing will include some or all of the following:

  • Publication of the property on the agency Internet web site
  • A quality made sign board to advise the sale
  • The agent brings potential customers to visit the property
  • Describe the property in writing to other expert (only) agents
  • Guide the seller to prepare the property for sale
  • Arrange "Open House" to increase the chance to close a deal
  • Assist seller to negotiate using the agent's office "Know-how" and expertise

The marketing efforts involve long working hours, high cost and us of especially developed sales ads, you can profit by them, with our assistance you will succeed to sell quickly at the most reasonable and fair price, at your minimum effort.

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