About Ra'anana

Historical Background: Ra'anana's story starts in 1912 in New York with the establishment of the Society for Jewish Settlement in Erez Israel named "Ahuza A. New York" with the purpose of buying lands in Palestine, make Aliyah and establish an agricultural settlement. The First World War delayed the plans and only in 1922 the dream came true. 

During its first days, it was called "Ra'ananiya" by its establishers in the U.S. Its Arab neighbors called the settlement "Amerikiya", as most of the settlers spoke English and came from New York. Finally it was decided to choose the Hebrew name of "Ra'anana".

Ra'anana's is the story of the Jewish settlement in Erez Israel, of Zionist fulfillment, the fights towards the Independence and the Establishment of the State of Israel. It's the story of a little settlement which started with 3,000 people at the end of the Independence war and today has 70,000 citizens. 

Education and learning: The Ra'anana Municipal Education department is highly praised by professional people, parents and students, many education people from different parts of Israel come to learn from the towns' Education institutions. Many funds are invested to develop the Education institutions in Ra'anana, from kindergartens to High Grade schools, by providing additional classes to develop new & diverse interests and by strengthening the pedagogic forces and by adjusting the study environments to the needs and challenges of the 21st century. The Academic Education in Ra'anana is represented for some years already by the "Ra'anana College" and the center of the "Open University" in town.

Recreation & Sports: There are many diversified recreation & sports activities throughout the year, for all ages. They take place in the Culture Halls, Youth Centers, libraries, Municipal Halls, in the park and the sports courts. There are also annual projects like the "Ra'anana Race" the "Ra'anana March", sport contests in various branches of sports, with high renown in the town and outside it.

The Quality of Life and Preserving the Surroundings: In the last decade, Ra'anana became one of the leading Israeli towns which develops its surroundings and the quality of life. The well preserved facade, its clean streets, the variety of parks, gardens and green spots, entitle it for many years to numerous awards from the "Beautiful Israel" Committee.

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